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Annual Exams

All the children passed the exam and 4 boys: Ganesh, Gaurav, Ayush and Dhurv had passed out from our school and got admission in Secondary School.
All these boys come in the evening class where they learn maths, science and english, and computer as well.
All these boys obtaining good marks in every subject in their new school and receiving good remarks from the teachers also.
They make me very proud.

Everybody passed their final exam except Rajeev.

Vipashana is mastering her arts talent in painting, dance and yoga, and teaching the GVS children too.

In Holi Festival she and her students performed and received a lot of applause.

Shahil is helping us in our administration work like collecting school fees, keeping all the records of income and expenses.

Ashish helps us in paying the utility bills and do the marketing.

Jitender, Santosh and Ganesh help the younger children to do homework and teach them if they have learning problems.