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Company Donors

In addition to the private donors we would like to thank the aid for another year of two Spanish companies, Human Software and White&Colors. With their contributions we can finance during the whole year the schooling and materials needed for eight of our students with fewer resources.

Donors Last Quarter 2016

Amit, Priya and family donated Rs 21855 which we paid Laxmi second installment (6months) fees and bought her new uniform.

Tim and his meditation group donated Rs 43,000. With these donation money we bought new clothes for homestay children for Diwali and covered our monthly living cost (food, tuitions fees, utility bills….) for September.

Maria donated Rs 30000 for the three batteries and 40000 for Jitender sponsorship which covered our October living cost and Diwali dinner and sweets.

Swami Ram donated Rs 20000 Along with Rs 13000 donation from the Dr Shishir Workshop covered our living cost for November.

Swami Ram paid Rs 9000 for the community help. We brought 6 patients to hospital for cataract surgery and done some test.

Amit and Priya donated 21000 and Bev donated Rs 9600 which covered living cost for December.

Quan and his friends donated Rs 17.000 for shoes and warm jackets for the homestay children. His friends donated yoga mats bedsheets.

Amit and Priya, White & Colors and friends donated Rs 26.250 which covered cost for January.

Human Software donated Rs 31500 for buying and renew the school material, uniforms for homestay children and medical care for the neighborhood families.


We need fund for:

  • Food and living cost for the Homestay children: Rs 30.000
  • Extra Tutoring on Maths and Science for the Homestay children. Rs 5.000
  • Replace old furniture: Rs 26.000
  • Replace gasstove:Rs 6.000

There is also the possibility of sponsoring the education, school material and uniform of one of the 25 Ganga Valley School studentwithout resources for Rs 12.000 per year.

As many of you know and to serve as a reminder, we are working in four priority areas:

  • Ganga Valley School. We currently have 132 students. The school bears the expenses of fees, material and uniform of 25 students.
  • Home Stay students. 2 of the 9 students are sponsored (studies, clothes, food and rest of needs)
  • Emergency and Medical Care in the community(an area of recent creation that I hope to develop more and more)
  • Women Empowerment. Actually we have 3 women between 22 and 24 years old doing the Teacher Training. They are receiving a salary as teachers for kindergartenwith which they can pay a teacher master degree.

I thank you for bringing this news to anyone who may be interested, because the more people know our projects, the more help we can provide.
And if you have any questions or you want more information, please write me to: rachelrai076@gmail.com.

With a grateful heart, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year 2017!