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Monsoon 2013

Summer – Time – Vacation

We organized summer camp for the small children during summer holidays. They learnt Painting, Dancing Skating, Hula hoop, Swimming, Computer, Writing, Board Games, and Memory Games. All these classes were volunteered by the Ganga Valley home stay boys including vipashana and Laxmi.


We are in middle of the academic year. Home stay children are busy with their school work. In the evening Sontosh, Shankar, Sarwan, Jitender and Shaheb assist me to write and read for small children. They all really enjoy helping these small children and helping themselves to revise their lesson which they have learnt as a small child . Late Evening they all study with their tution teacher whom I could appointed this year. In spite being so busy with their daily routine but still they all work happily together.

This year we really had a bad monsoon which started early this year (middle of June) and still it doesn’t seem to stop.
In the middle of the June there was continuous rain for three days which caused flood in the ganga river. Many restaurants and huts were washed away in the river.
Around 5ooo people were died in the land slide in the hilly region. Due to this natural disaster tourism was affected. Whole Rishikesh economy is depending upon the tourism.
We all are waiting for tourists to come to Rishikesh.

Thanks to our visitors and donors:

I would like to give heart full of thanks to all the donors.
We couldn’t repair and paint the school building for two years because of the financial problem. We are very grateful to Mr. Heinrich and his friends and Talassi with Their donation we would paint and repair the building after monsoon in October.
During the summer All the home stay boys went to water park with Maria. They all had a lots of fun and enjoyed their summer building Lego , cycling, swimming. I could provide them tution teacher, daily three meals, school supplies and their various needs. Thank you so much Maria, this wouldn’t be possible without you in this economy crisis.


We were so happy to meet Almu and Tien after 3 years. Children were so excited to practice karate with tien and Almu gave power boosting massage to me which was so good for my blocked tissues. Thanks you very much for your donation for which we could pay our shop rent and electricity bill.

We wish you all well, we will continue our hard work here and give you further updates
Best wishes from Rachel and the Ganga Valley School family