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Newsletter December 2019

Drawing Competition

We organized a drawing competition in school’s campus, where all the student enthusiastically took part in the competition and made wonderful paintings. The topic for competition was “Christmas”.

  • Raunak of class 2nd stood first
  • Sachi of class 3rd stood first
  • Ayesha of class 4th stood first
  • Akshara of class 5th stood first

Working & Learning Together

Students of Class 5th decorated the Christmas tree, article board.
Every year this activity is assigned to the eldest students of the class, which builds up team work spirit, develop stronger relationship, improve communication skills and reflects creativity.

Workshop “Radom Act of Kindness”

School Management decided to organize a workshop “Random act of Kindness”, which refers to selfless act of giving resulting in the happiness of another person. The receipt of kindness and the ability to show kindness through service are both growth enhancing and soul cleansing.

7 reasons of conducting this workshop:

  1. Increased peer acceptance
  2. Happy children
  3. Improves health and reduces stress
  4. Greater sense of belonging and improved self esteem
  5. Increased feeling of gratitude
  6. Better concentration and improved results
  7. Less bullying

Academics Update
Jitendra (class 12th), has scored the highest marks in his class.
Rupali (class 6th) has stood first in her Half Early Exams.

All the students have secured good marks in the half yearly examination. Now they all are preparing for Annual Exams.

We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.
Sending smiles & wishes your way for a great holiday season & a super fabulous year ahead!