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Newsletter November 2019

Sports Day

The much awaited Annual Sports Day was held on Saturday 19th October 2019 ,with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere.

Students competed in events including passing ball, relays, sack race, obstacle race and ready for school.

To inspire a healthy sense of competition, management have been allocated one of the four houses which symbolize the school’s values. Students develop a sense of belonging and a feeling of unity in being a part of a specific house.

The four houses are named as Kedar (Blue House), Gangotri (Green House), Badri (Red House) and Yamnotri (Yellow House).

Rangoli Competition

GVS organized an ‘Inter-House Rangoli Competition’ in the school premises, on 22. October 2019.

The theme of the competition was ‘Diwali’. 4 Students from each Houses of the school participated and glorified the event.

Badri House was adjudged first whereas Yamnotri House secured 2nd and Gangotri 3rd positions and Kedar 4th position respectively.

May the Divine Light of Diwali Spread into your Life
Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health!
Happy Diwali!