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Newsletter May 2019

Earth Day Celebration

On the occasion of Earth day, we organized a parade, where children performed dance and recited poem. Students and teachers planted 20 saplings, in Government school to spread awareness about environmental awareness. We also organized a drawing competition on the topic save mother earth and gave coloring kit to the winners.

Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day children prepared a special poem and adorable card to thank their mothers.

Calligraphy completion

On 10th of May we organized calligraphy completion, it was held for class 1st – 5th. It was an individual class completion. Students put in their best efforts to create beautiful handwriting. They enjoyed the activity.

Development: Walls of fresh paint

Earlier the school building walls were damp. While entering in the class room it had a musty damp order. Wet walls shaped a dark and unhealthy environment. But now the whole school building has been painted, it creates cheerful and vivacious environment. All the children were very happy to be in the bright painted classes.

Special thanks to Talassi and her friend for sponsoring this project.

Putting safety first: Covered balcony

Children have to walk up and down on stairs for washroom and hand wash the fences of balcony were very short, the staircase is very stiff and the monkeys used to enter in the classroom and try to attack. To prevent any miss happening, we’ve covered the balcony by aluminum.

Thank you Amit, Priya and Gerdian supporting this project.

Students record

Session 2018-19

In previous session total no. of students were 150. 18 students have left the school and took admission in another school. Students from class 5th (8 girls) have graduated elementary.

No. Students
under scholarship
No. of Students
pay Fee
Total no
of Students
53 97 150
No. of students
transferred to another
No. of students
graduated elementary
No. of students
150 – 26=
18 8 124

Session 2019-20

In this session there are 140 students, in which 45 under scholarship (students who don’t pay fee) and 26 are new admission. Hopefully, in July will get more admission.

Students under scholarship
(including new admission)
Students paying Fee
(including new admission)
Total no. of Students
48 92 140

Meet our hardworking trainee teacher “Suman”

Suman is married and mother of two beautiful daughters Anshika (10yrs) and Awani (5yrs).
Her husband Dhanpal singh, is a driver and his income wasn’t enough to educate the girls, pay single room rent.

Somehow, she came to know about Rachel and she explained about financial condition – which made her a part of our school.

She is an active trainee teacher of Kindergarten and Pursuing Masters in Sociology.

Our big Thank You goes to the following donators:

Swami Ram – Donation for the school stationery, uniform and tuition fee (underprivileged children)

Amit and Priya – Sponsoring 7 children + Development of school

Gerdian – For sponsoring homestay boys educational + stationery expenses + Development of school

Talassi and her friend – For sponsoring to paint the whole school building.

Maria – sponsoring Jitendra educational expenses.


Please donate us for the general up keep and maintenance of school.

I thank you for bringing this newsletter to anyone who may be interested, because the more people know our projects, the more help we can provide.

And if you have any questions or you want more information, please write me to: rachelrai076@gmail.com