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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This is the letter to you all from Heart.

I lost my husband this July 2015.
Last May, June and July were the worst time I ever had in my whole lifetime.
Those months were very difficult months for my children and me.
Financially, physically and mentally I was broke down.

Soon After I realized I have to stand up for my school, children, school staffs, trainees and my village people.
My well wisher, my daughter and, of course, friends and supporters like you all gave so much strength and support financially.
I’ve decided to close down the shop since it is in loss. Till March we will try to clear the stock and close down the shop.
I would like to give my heart full of thanks and gratitude to all the supporters, without their support I would not able to help these children and give them education, home, food, clothes…
Also I am providing medical help to the poor people from the village.

Visitors and donors

Jeniss and Gari visited us during the Dusshera festival.
They had a lunch with us and I was very happy to see her after one and half year.
Thanks both of them and their friends for the donation.
It will be spend on food cost, living cost and tuition (provide private tutor) for Ganesh, Rajan and Ashish for the five months.


It is always appreciate receiving donation before the festival seasons, so thanks Talassi, Frank and Almudena.
All the homestay children got new Diwali clothes and we, all school staffs and children, went for picnic and enjoy a lot.

Maria my beautiful loving friend visited us during Diwali festival.
As usual she brought gifts for the children, delicious bread and cheese all the way from Holland for me and special gift for my daughter.
Thank you so much for sponsoring Jitender. Her gift on Diwali made the children very happy and enjoyed the movie in the theater.
On October we have visitors from Autralia, Bev and her group.
Thank you so much for bringing clothes for the village children, all these children were so happy to get warm jackets in this chilled winter.
We organized the Bollywood party and raised Rs 6000.
Some ladies applied henna on their hands by my trainee teachers so these girls also earned some money for themselves.
Bev also donated 400 Aus dollar, so all these donation money we will spend on living cost for Vishal and Santosh for food and living cost for 4 months.


On 23rd December we organized a Bollywood party for Ashley’s group. Hope they all enjoyed the food, dinner, Bollywood dance with the children and henna on their hand. Each of them donate Rs 1000, so there was Rs 20000. We will use this money to pay Laxmi’s school, transportation, tuition (private tutor) fees, food and living cost for 4 months.
Our friend Priya and Amit have arrived from Spain. As usual all the children and me went with them for shopping for their yearly school materials, uniforms, underwear, socks, etc. After shopping we had a big lunch in a famous restaurant in town. This couple is the Santa for the children, showering them with the gifts and fun. Thank you so much Amit and Priya and their friends and family for all the continuous support for my children and the Ganga Valley School.


We celebrated Christmas Eve party with all the children from the village.
Most of the children study in Ganga Valley School.
Some of them passed out and studying in government school but they all come for evening class. They all had a big fun dancing, playing game and got Christmas gift from Priya and Amit.


I would like to give heart full thanks to a company from Barcelona, Spain, Human Software for donation euro 450.
Donation amount will be used for sponsoring the education cost year 2016-2017 (school fee, school material, books, uniform) for five girls who really need it.
Also we will paint the classes on the first floor.
Thank you Amit for introducing our project to this company.