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Summer 2016

We are pleased to report that this year we have around 20 children got admission in kindergarten.
Academic year 2016- 2017, there are 104 students are studying in our school.

Home Stay

All the homestay boys have passed their exams with good marks. Jitender and Ganesh got a second and fifth position in class. Laxmi and Vipasana also passed their final exams and got admission in high school. Both of them have chosen the commerce.
Jitender participated in “Clean Earth – Green Earth Essay and Quiz Competition”. In both competition he won 2nd prize .

Vinod, who used to help in Ganga Valley School and shop got married on 28th April in his village.
Both of them have come back to Rishikesh. Since we have closed the school shop, Vinod has Joined the new work in of the Gems shop in Laxmanjhula ( where he will be offered better salary) and his wife will help us in GVS. We all wish them “Happy Married Life”.


In early March, the Ganga Valley School also had two volunteers come and work with the boys during their holiday break.
René from Australia gave Rajeev and Vishal extra English language lessons focusing on functional English and basic grammar.
Dena from Israel ran two art based projects. With the home stay boys she helped them convert two old steel trunks into colourful mosaic masterpieces. A mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of coloured tiles, stones or glass. The boys painted the sides of the trunks into bright colours. They then broke tiles into small pieces and rearranged them into beautiful patterns on the trunk’s lid. Dena also ran a crafts project with the younger children, making colourful bracelets out of recycled plastic bands, gems and glue.


Thanks to Andreas, Elisabeth, Verena and Patrizia for the donation. It will be spend on food cost, living cost for Ganesh, Rajan Ashish, Shahil, Vishal, Sontosh and Laxmi for the May and June.
Thank to Talassi for sponsoring Raje.

Nicole Runkle donated Rs 6500. Amit, Priya and their friends donated Rs 18510.
With these donation money we paid admission and first installment (six months) fees for high school in Sai Baba International School for Laxmi.

Janiss and Gari donated Rs 12500.
Now we have Rs 30000 including Human Software’s donation. We will use this donation to –

  • repaint and tiled the interior walls that have water damage and peeling paint on the first floor
  • knock walls down to create new doorways for convenient access to the classrooms for the students.

We need fund for food and living cost, extra Tutoring on Maths and Science for the Vishal, Laxmi, Santosh, Shahil, Ashish, Ganesh, Rajan for the coming months.