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Summer 2014

Our summer holidays started with fun and busy with all the construction work. We all were busy shifting the furniture’s, books one room to another room. All the smaller boys helped me to clean and setting the rooms. Bigger boys did washing and cleaning of all the plastic chairs, moving the heavy furniture and they even repaired the wooden desk and chairs.
Finally with all the hard works the construction was finished on right time (just a week before reopening the school after long summer holiday).

This summer holidays children did not have much outing because of constructions work, but they all have enjoyed each day cooking different food like pizza, pasta and a lot of Indian snacks. They did the wall painting, played lots of indoor game. Thank You Maria for all the joy you bring for the children.

Wall paintingWall painting

Now the school is opened after long summer holidays, we all are back to our old routine. The rainy season has started and more relief from the terrible heat.

Here are the lists of works we have done

  • Renovate the ground floor classes which were in bad condition due to moisture.
  • Replaced the old electric wire, switchboards and lights (which were damaged by the rain)
  • Fix the wall with tiles and waterproof paints which will long last and protect the walls from moisture.
  • Replaced the entire wooden windows, and installed the aluminum sliding windows.
  • Build the toilet for teachers, toilets for children and hand washing area.
  • Build a new kitchen and covered the rooftop area.


Before summer holidays Janiss and he daughter visited. They brought bags, clothes, stationeries for the children. Janiss and her friend also donated Rs 22000. I would like to give heart full of thanks to them.
Sabine who had volunteered a year ago also visited us from Holland. She also introduced one of her friend David B to the school. Thanks David for donating Rs 15000.
Tien donated his bike which we sold for Rs 18000.
In total with the entire May donation we had Rs 55000, which was so much helped for construction work.
By the end of May we were so fortunate to have enough money to start construction and necessary repairing.
Now the school has clean spacious toilets, washing area, clean bright and airy kitchen, clean classrooms with bright lighting and big room for the homestay children.

I would like to thanks from the bottom of my heart to all the donors and supporters.